Sweet Souvenirs from Hokkaido: A Guide to Must-Buy Treats

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Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, is not just famous for its breathtaking landscapes and delectable cuisine, but also for its exquisite array of sweets.

Each confectionery item from Hokkaido is a blend of tradition, innovation, and pure delight.

If you are looking for the perfect edible souvenir to bring back from your travels, look no further.

Let’s embark on a sweet journey through Hokkaido’s most beloved treats.


Rokkatei’s Marusei Butter Sandwich(六花亭マルセイバターサンド): A Buttery Delight

Rokkatei’s Marusei Butter Sandwich is more than just a snack; it’s a culinary icon in Hokkaido.

Filled with a rich and creamy blend of buttercream and raisins, sandwiched between two perfectly baked cookies, this treat is a testament to the art of Japanese confectionery.

Each bite offers a harmonious mix of sweetness and buttery goodness, making it an irresistible souvenir for anyone with a sweet tooth.

 Rokkatei’s Marusei Butter Sandwich

This butter sandwich is also delicious when eaten after being frozen.

*Image quoted from the official website

Shiroi Koibito(白い恋人): Hokkaido’s White Lover

Shiroi Koibito, translating to ‘White Lover’, is a delicate confection that has won hearts beyond Hokkaido.

This exquisite biscuit comprises two thin, crisp wafers with a layer of smooth white chocolate in between. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture and balanced sweetness make it a perfect representation of Hokkaido’s refined and elegant taste in sweets.

Shiroi Kibito

*Image quoted from the official website

Sanpouroku(三方六): The Traditional Baumkuchen

Sanpouroku, a traditional Baumkuchen, is a culinary masterpiece from Hokkaido.

This cylindrical cake is made by layering batter around a rotating spit, creating a unique tree-ring-like appearance.

Each layer is a testament to the skill and patience required in its creation, resulting in a moist, lightly sweetened cake that’s both a visual and gastronomic delight.


*Image quoted from the official website

LeTAO(ルタオ): A Cheesecake Like No Other

LeTAO’s cheesecake is a celebration of Hokkaido’s renowned dairy products. Known for its velvety texture and rich flavor, this cheesecake combines the freshness of local cream with the subtle sweetness of cheese, creating a luxurious dessert that’s both light and indulgent. It’s a must-try for cheesecake aficionados and a perfect souvenir to encapsulate the essence of Hokkaido.


*Image quoted from the official website

Calbee’s Jagapokkuru(カルビーじゃがぽっくる): The Crunchy Potato Snack

Jagapokkuru from Calbee is a snack that showcases the best of Hokkaido’s famous potatoes. These crunchy sticks are made from carefully selected potatoes, cut and fried to perfection, offering a satisfying crunch with every bite. Seasoned lightly to enhance the natural flavor of the potatoes, Jagapokkuru is an addictive treat that brings a taste of Hokkaido’s fields right to your palate.

 Calbee’s Jagapokkuru

*Image quoted from the official website

Royce’ Chocolate(ロイズチョコレート): Luxury in Every Bite

Royce’ chocolate is synonymous with luxury. Crafted with precision and care, each piece of Royce’ chocolate is a blend of the finest cocoa and Hokkaido’s renowned dairy. The result is a smooth, rich, and velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth, offering a sophisticated and indulgent experience that is quintessentially Hokkaido.

 Royce’ Chocolate

*Image quoted from the official website
*Image quoted from the official website

Cheese Omelette(チーズオムレツ): The Fluffy Cheese Cake

The Cheese Omelette is a delightful twist on the traditional cheesecake, known for its fluffy, light texture. This cake is a harmonious blend of rich cheese and airy sponge, creating a dessert that’s both satisfying and not overly sweet. It’s a testament to Hokkaido’s mastery of dairy-based confections and a must-try for anyone visiting the region.


*Image quoted from the official website

Hokkaido’s confectionery landscape is as diverse as it is sweet.

These treats are more than just souvenirs; they are a piece of Hokkaido’s culinary artistry. From the creamy layers of LeTAO’s cheesecakes to the crisp bite of Calbee’s potato snacks, each item is a testament to the region’s dedication to quality and flavor.

So, as you explore the wonders of Hokkaido, don’t forget to pack these delectable sweets in your suitcase – they are sure to bring joy to your loved ones and sweet memories of your travels.

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